New Trends for 2019 at Las Vegas Market

This winter’s market in Las Vegas is yet another showcase of exciting new introductions and events. Here are a few of the highlights and trends from Las Vegas Market’s Best of the West Panelists and our top-of-the-line vendors showing at the World Market Center. Please reach out to your Territory Manager if you have any questions regarding product, pricing, and ordering.

LVMkt Trends

Las Vegas does things differently, and LVMkt embodies the city’s colorful spirit and sense of discovery as well as defining style of the whole West. They continually innovate in their market and collaborate with industry leaders to bring designers whats new and trending. Las Vegas Market’s First Look program features four main themes: Arctic, Adorn, Desertscape, and Fiesta. Each of these themes showcase at-market displays, as well as creating a 40-page publication highlighting new products that fit the scheme.


Arctic keeps it cool with an enchanting display of silver metallics, cool greens, brushed finishes, and bold blues.

A. Cyan Design Opal Throne Ottoman

B. Jamie Young Co Striped Silver Pillar Table Lamp

C. Noir Peace Sign, Silver

D. Worlds Away Kenmore Box

E. The Tac Room Rebecca Chair

F. Leftbank Art Fade Out

G. Phillips Collection Lifesaver Sculpture

H. D.V. KAP Llama Fur Teal Throw


Adorn highlights anticipated launches and charming new products including tabletop for everyday dining and entertaining, table lamps, nesting and drinks tables, accent chairs, and furniture that could double as retail fixturing.

A. Worlds Away Maggie Chair

B. D.V. KAP Pillow: Blustery

C. Leftbank Art Hear Blossom

D. Jamie Young Co Venus Objects

E. Phillips Collection Wall Flowers

F. Cyan Design Molly Martini Bar Cart

G. Noir Edith Adjustable Side Table


Desertscape fuses landscape, lifestyle, pattern, and motif to create a sun-soaked, west coast vibe.

A. Cyan Design Skyros Pendant

B. World’s Away Ziva Table

C. D.V. KAP Gubbo-Sangria Pillow

D. Noir Peace Sign, Brass

E. D.V. KAP Cacti Pillow

F. Jaipur Living Ultra by Nikki Chu Pouf

G. Pom Pom at Home Monte Handwoven Rug

H. Leftbank Art Agaves

I. Phillips Collection Molten Side Table


Creating the perfect place for summer fun, Fiesta is LVMkt’s one-stop-shop for outdoor entertainment.

A. Worlds Away Cosmo Accessory

B. Leftbank Art Mixed Signals

C. Jamie Young Co Lotus Plates

D. Cyan Design Large Kimbie Vase

E. Noir Gigi Chair

F. Jaipur Polaris Rug

G. Jaipur Belize Rug

H. D.V. KAP Bacchus Pillow

Best of the West Designer Top Picks/Trends

Kelli Lamb

Kelli Lamb, based out of Los Angeles, is the Editor in Chief for Rue Magazine. Since its founding in 2010, Rue Magazine has since grown from a digital interior design magazine to include Rue Daily, a daily source of lifestyle and design tips and tricks. The editorial staff is dedicated to sharing tips on entertainment and design, as well as the products for readers to make it their own.

Kelli’s top picks for market this year are tinted glass, clay accents, natural wood coffee tables, oversized linen sofas, and framed textile art.

A. The Tac Room Jones Sofa

B. Worlds Away Newbury Coffee Table

C. Phillips Collection Boscage Coffee Table

D. Noir Round Teak Wood Coffee Table

E. Cyan Design Medium Perdita Vase

F. Jamie Young Company Solar Large Vase

Lexi Westergard

Lexi Westergard is an interior designer with a bright aesthetic known for her use of traditional and modern pieces to create a sophisticated, yet welcoming environment. She’s one of the most recognizable brands based out of Phoenix, AZ and was recently dubbed one of the Valley’s top designers being published on numerous websites and publications.

Her picks for the top trends of the season are woven materials, metals (especially black and brass), earth tones, shagreen furniture, and textural ceramic lamps.

A. Cyan Design Allison Table Lamp

B. Leftbank Art Pele

C. Worlds Away Griffin Bench

D. Pom Pom at Home Baya Woven Baskets

E. D.V. Kap Symmetry Linen Pillow

F. Phillips Collection Katha Vase, Gold

G. The Tac Room Bryan Sofa

H. Noir Zola Chair

I. Jamie Young Company Mohave Table Lamp

Laura Umansky

Laura is an award-winning interior designer based out of Houston, Texas. Best known for her “classically current” luxury interiors, her design philosophy honors the unique collections and personality of every client. She creatively curates homes that are authentic reflections of her client’s passions and interests.

Her top trend picks are rattan and rope lighting, limestone, curved upholstery, and pastel jewel tones. Noir was also on her list of must-see showrooms at Las Vegas Market!

A. Leftbank Art Flowing Emotions

B. D.V. KAP Blustery Pillow

C. Cyan Design Medium Rosaline Vase

D. Jamie Young Co Jute Macrame Chandelier

E. Jamie Young Co Nautiquel Chandlier

F. Phillips Collection Amethyst Plate

G. The Tac Room Kim Sofa

H. Cyan Design Sir Richard Chair

I. Noir Boulder Riverstone Bowl

J. World’s Away Gayle Grey Chair

Wendy Blackband

Blackband Design is known for their sophisticated style, with a touch of freshness and a dash of casual coastal. Greg and Wendy are notorious for combining traditional pieces with current trends to create their own unique style.

Her top trends for Las Vegas Market are textured glass, luxe textiles, architectural accent chairs, signature fine art, and ceramic light fixtures.

A. Leftbank Art Wallpaper Full I, Hand Embellished

B. Phillips Collection Entropy Chair

C. Cyan Design Hayes Table Lamp

D. Jamie Young Company Zenith Pendant

E. D.V. KAP Pebble-Rebel Champagne Pillow

F. Noir Prisma Chair

G. Worlds Away Lydia Grey Lamp

Amy Bartlam

Amy Bartlam is an interiors photographer from the UK. She studied photography at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design before moving to Los Angeles in 2013. Now, her business is based out of LA and known for her use of natural light, thoughtful compositions, and attention to detail. Her work has been published numerous times throughout the US, Portugal, Germany, and the UK.

Her top trends for LVMkt are art books, large plants, cognac leather chairs, and jute rugs.

A. Phillips Collection Lancaster Dining Chair

B. Jaipur Living Spiral Jute Rug

C. Cyan Design Magnus Chair

Lindsey Borchard

Lindsey Borchard, owner of Lindsey Brooke Design, is a lead designer based out of Southern California. Her background as an artist helps her design in a way that is both unique and intentional to every client. Pulling inspiration from California landscapes, Lindsey enjoys mixing bold textiles and Earthy textures while piecing together contemporary elements with vintage treasures. As a mother, she focuses on designing spaces that are both beautiful and functional for the everyday family.

Her top trends for winter market are matte materials, brass and leather accents, caned furniture, taupe hues, and stone accents.

A. The Tac Room Justin Chair

B. Cyan Design Julian Pendant

C. World’s Away Russell Magazine Rack

D. D.V .KAP Flinstone Taupe Pillow

E. Phillips Collection Obelisk Structure

F. Jamie Young Co Borealis Hexagon Table Lamp

G. Pom Pom at Home Taupe Riley Oversized Throw

H. Leftbank Art Mutual Impression I

I. Noir Jude Chair

Shop & Souce the Best Vendors at Las Vegas Market

Cyan Design Building A Suite 236
D.V. Kap Building A Suite 313
Jamie Young Co Building C Suite 460
Leftbank Art Building A Suites 229 & 254
Noir & CFC Building C Suite 399
Phillips Collection Building A Suite 202
Pom Pom at Home Building C Suite 506
The Tac Room Building C Suite 524L
World’s Away Building C Suite 369


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Las Vegas Market Summer 2019: July 28-August 1

Information for this blog post was sourced from Las Vegas Market’s DesignOn LVMkt Blog.

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