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In 1996, with both Ken Bassman and Bill Blaine having already spent over a decade in the industry and always recognizing a great opportunity, Bassman Blaine International Sales Management and Marketing was born.  With a good friend who was manufacturing high end decorative accessories and selling them primarily to the high-end department stores, Ken and Bill leveraged their many relationships with other Sales Representatives across the country as well as their entrepreneurial spirit and penchant for structure to set up what was the first of many National Sales forces.

Almost 25 years later, Bassman Blaine has evolved into the largest independent Sales Management and Marketing firm and Consultancy in the home furnishings industry.

Having worked with, set up and run the sales organizations for many vendors (manufacturers and importers), Bassman Blaine has worked with hundreds of the top Sales Representatives and Territory Managers in the industry.


In January of 2009, sourcing product as a favor for a friend (which soon thereafter launched Bassman Blaine Home), Ken happened upon a company called Noir.  Since that time, Bassman Blaine has been an integral part of the explosive growth and success of Noir, which today is considered one of the top brands in the industry. Noir’s phenomenal sales team which is over 80 strong is managed exclusively by Bassman Blaine. Shortly after starting with Noir, Bassman Blaine began working with and managing the sales force for cFc (Noir’s sister company) as well. 

Once again, in a very informal way, in 2016, Ken met one of the founders and principals of Saatva, the leading on-line luxury mattress company in the US.  Bassman Blaine has teamed up with Saatva and is the exclusive industry partner to bring the Saatva product line to the interior design trade.

Also, in 2016, Bill, being one of the foremost E-commerce experts in the home furnishings industry was introduced to a Silicon Valley startup called Design Home. Bassman Blaine has been there since the beginning, working with and consulting to the dynamic team at Design Home which today is the number one downloaded mobile game in the world with over 1M unique visitors a day.

In 2017, at the conclusion of a 28-year relationship with Arteriors Home, Bassman Blaine partnered with Jamie Young Company to build and manage the Sales Team as well as spearhead all marketing efforts and initiatives and consult on general operations and product development.

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