Evelyn Proctor

N. CA: South Bay Area

Northern CA: South Bay Area

Evelyn has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ball State University and years of experience in marketing and graphic design. Raised a Hoosier in Indiana, she lived in Hawaii for 15 years and currently lives in San Mateo with her husband David. They have 3 sons Akamai, Kyle and Dylan and a dog named Duke. Evelyn joined the Bassman Blaine team in 2014 and began her new career in sales where she enjoys meeting new people and helping her customers prosper. She is active in her church and community and her leisure activities are bike rides with her husband, cooking, reading and adventures with family and friends.

Cell: 650.218.7047
Fax: 650.573.0745
Email: evelynp@bassmanblaine.com