The New Mattress Trade Program of Your Dreams

Mattress shopping for your client can be risky business. Making sure they’re happy is of the utmost importance, but it’s hard to determine how someone else likes to sleep. Thankfully, the fabulous team at Saatva has got your back… and an extra cash bonus to sweeten the deal.

Saatva’s top-of-the-line mattresses are made of luxury green materials like organic cotton, eco-friendly foam, innersprings made from recycled steel and botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment. These high-end mattresses are environmentally conscious, yet friendly to your client’s wallet.

Not only does Saatva sell some of the finest to-the-door mattresses, they sell a wide variety so that there’s an option for every picky sleeper. From luxury memory foam, to adjustable bases, to luxury innersprings, your client is bound to have the mattress of their dreams no matter their preference. Unlike the other companies who dump a box on your doorstep, Saatva includes a white glove service during set-up and removal.

Rest assured— your client’s rest is insured. With a 120-day satisfaction guarantee, your clients can be sure they love the mattress and have an easy solution if they don’t. Saatva has a 5-star reviewed, dedicated concierge on the line 24/7 to help with anything your client may need. If they don’t like the mattress, the concierge will arrange a pickup from their white glove service team.

Saatva is putting money directly into designers’ pockets by offering a 14% rebate commission on every sale. The designer trade program comes with a unique promo code to use at checkout. Once you have your code, you’ll be making money in your sleep!

Join our Design Trade Program today with a brand you can trust!

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