Industry Issues and Why They are Happening

With the world transitioning to what feels like our new normal, ideally, the current status of lead times and inventory shortages in the home furnishings industry would also be bouncing back as well. Make no mistake, things are improving, but as clients anxiously await their furniture, it is important to fully understand and gain perspective on why things have been held up in the first place. Below are some of the many reasons there are delays to explain to your clients and also options to get product for projects quicker.

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) among workers throughout the supply chain has proven to be one of the biggest obstacles production lines have had to face. Among mitigating unpredictable worker absences, workflows have had to reconfigure to accommodate social distancing guidelines. This affects all respective parties involved in the supply chain, from manufacturers discovering new ways to access pieces, fabrics, and finishes, to longshore workers transporting containers at the docks.

Recently, a new wrench was thrown in the plans and unfortunately, a California-bound cargo ship lost 750 containers at sea after passing through some nasty weather. So, even when all the hard work feels like it is finally paying off- another unprecedented complication has hit, setting businesses back even longer.

As the container ships come in, congestion has also become a huge problem, with 60+ sitting idly by at local ports on any given day.

“This backlog is causing delay in receiving goods, straining the system, and pushing up all costs with no end in sight. L.A. and Long Beach ports have added on fees as a result of all of this, from what was about $800, to get the container through the port and dropped at our warehouses. Now the fees are in certain cases approaching $3,000 but $2,500 on average”, says Gary Finder, CEO of Jamie Young Company.

Once the product has made its way to the appropriate warehouse and is on track to its final destination, businesses have been met with the additional hurdle of a lack of qualified truck drivers. With a combination of a surge in shipping volumes, and limited employee availability to fulfill deliveries, the speed at which these services operate has been further impacted.

Demand outweighs supply. There is a shortage of product, ships, containers, and manpower, on top of upcharges that have strained the system even more.

The furniture manufacturing community has proven to be incredibly resilient, and adept at problem solving, and will continue to be as we learn to overcome the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.  


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